Unclaimed life insurance money nationwide is upwards of $1 billion

A March 21, 2013 story from the NBC News producer, Jamie Novogrod, grabs your attention right away….

“Andy and Christina Fox, retirees living in Maryland, were shocked when they received a letter in late 2011 from a small life insurance company in the Midwest.

“To be honest with you, we thought it was a scam,” Chris says. “It was five years after my father had passed. We had no knowledge of any insurance policies whatsoever.”

It was no scam. It turned out that Chris’s father — an airplane mechanic and pilot — had left thousands of dollars in a life insurance policy and never told his family…”

Are you concerned that your family will be unaware of any insurance monies you’ve left for them?

The NBC story, outlines two options to facilitate your survivors.

First, implemented by The American Council of Life Insurers is a free online template that easily guides you to generate documentation that can be left on your personal computer for your family.

Secondly, visit missingmoney.com. To assist me in writing, I visited missingmoney.com and found money for myself! The site lead me through a few steps and I was redirected to The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt. (Are you an Iowan? You might have visited this kiosk in the varied industry building at The Iowa State Fair.) There are a few forms, but I’ll update here when I see this money. (UPDATE: 6/15/2013 Just got my check for $430. Wow!) You may have something waiting too!

Concentric Insurance is creating an effective and secure database where we can house your insurance information. In business for over 15 years, we’ve primarily sold Life, LTC and disability insurance. But we are evolving into a full service insurance house where we can review your current health and P&C insurances. Even if we are unable to decrease your payments while increasing your coverage, we will enter your current policy information and keep it one phone call away for you and your family to access as needed. One phone call to a real person that is waiting to help you!

Happy Hunting! We can’t wait to hear your stories of success!


The NBC story and the title are referenced here.