Are You Covered with the Right Individual Insurance?

IndividualsProtecting your assets is increasingly important, but oftentimes, the complexities of insurance solutions can feel overwhelming, especially when we associate insurance with our own mortality.

You are our focus.

At Concentric Insurance, we remove the apprehension of dealing with potentially endless solutions and put your needs at the center of all we do. As a trusted source for managing your entire insurance landscape, Concentric Insurance focuses on your personal situation and objectives. We sort through the insurance confusion and uncertainties to find and recommend solutions that fit your lifestyle, your situation and your goals.

Concentric insurance can help individuals manage:

Consider these key factors Concentric Insurance addresses and identifies before the right solution can be found:

  • Type of need you have
  • Reasons your need may be underfunded
  • Understanding how long your need may last
  • Calculating the value of your need
  • Who your beneficiaries will be
  • Your beneficiaries’ knowledge of and capability to carry out your intentions
  • Proper titling and ownership of your solution
  • Ensuring the cost of the solution is fiscally prudent for you

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