Concentric Insurance: Organizing All of Your Insurance

AboutUsConcentric Insurance is an independent insurance agency which represents individuals and companies for all lines of insurance. Our team works to identify the risks you face. We then explore the best carriers and coverage for your needs and find you the best rates. Concentric Insurance will coordinate all of your insurance policy information and agent contact numbers in one, secure location. As an advocate for you, we regularly review your coverage and premiums to keep you updated with adequate coverage at a competitive price. Working on behalf of individuals and small businesses, Concentric Insurance:

  • Coordinates and organizes all of your different insurance policies, companies and agent information.
  • Continually analyzes premiums and coverage.
  • Provides trusted advice along with one-call support when you need it most. Whether you have existing insurance or need guidance on carriers and coverage, Concentric Insurance focuses on getting to know you and your unique situation.

We specialize in life, property & casualty, disability, health, and long term care insurance. Our team identifies the unique coverage needs specific to you or your business to find the best possible rates and coverage. Gone are the days of remembering a multitude of insurance agent’s numbers; Concentric Insurance is your first call when anything happens. We immediately get to work on your behalf to help you navigate the claims process. Our philosophy is simple: we believe in getting the insurance you need at the best possible guaranteed cost, so you can invest your money elsewhere. Contact us to learn more.